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Update local wallet

step 1) shut down your wallet. allow it to completely shut down. wait 30-60 seconds.

we want to make sure all the files are completely closed.

step 2) check you have about 3 Gigabytes of free disk space.

we need room for a temporary second copy of the dash blockchain.

step 3) open the folder containing your dash folder

platformdirectoryhow to open -- no quotes
Linux /home/username

open a terminal and type cd


C:\Users\username\AppData\Roamingclick start, type %appdata% and hit enter
Mac/home/username/Library/Application Supportin finder, press shift-command-G, type: "~/Library/Application Support" and hit Go

optionally: open your dash folder and delete your debug.log to free up some space

step 4) duplicate your dash folder and rename the copy to dashcore

platformfolder namecommand
Linux .dashcore

cp -pr .dash .dashcore


DashCoreclick the Dash folder, press control-c, then press control-v. once copied, rename to DashCore
MacDashCoreclick the Dash folder, press command-c, then press command-v. once copied, rename to DashCore

step 5) open your dashcore folder and delete the cache files

throw away all dat files EXCEPT your wallet.dat.

      • debug.log
      • budget.dat
      • peers.dat
      • fee_estimates.dat
      • mncache.dat
      • mnpayments.dat

step 6) download and install dash 12.1

open a web browser and go to

choose the wallet for your platform, download, and install

step 7) launch the wallet, choose "YES" I want to rebuild the block index

12.1 uses a different indexing format so must walk the entire blockchain. 

step 8) take a break, grab a sandwich, enjoy some sun

this can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours depending on your machine
once complete, enjoy your new upgrades! 

step 9) after the new wallet is put through it's paces, maybe in March

delete your original dash folder

Mac users:

having trouble finding wallet.dat and directory ?

Check the 12.1 Mac Installation Guide

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