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If that does not work please use guide below:

How to compile Dash Wallet for iOS from source

Here is a guide how to pull the Wallet onto your iPhone by yourself.

(no jailbreaking, this is the official legit way, nothing can break)

  • Mac + iPhone Needed !

  • Requires iOS 9 (on Phone) or later.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Based on Sideloaded


  • 28. Wallet Should be loaded onto iPhone
    (Build Success)
  • 29. This warning might pop up,
    ignore this for now, as we fix that on the iPhone direct (31.)
  • 30. Check your iPhone
    (wallet on ?)
  • if yes
    (if no, "Houston we have a problem" ping me)
    31. click Wallet on iPhone
  • go to (iPhone)Settings / General / Profile 
    There is a Profiles section under General in Settings app on the iphone. you can choose the developer accounts to trust there.
    (in iOS 9.2, they changed Settings->General->Profile to Settings->General->Device Management)
    (Trust it)
  • and DONE ! 

  • Activate iPhone Wallet
  • You HAVE to save your SEEDS !!!
    Very Very Important !!! Do NOT lose them !!!

How To