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Dear Community members,

It is my pleasure to give you a report of the Dash core team progress. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of May, grouped by the four strategic areas of focus for 2016.

  1. Software Development

    1. Dash core wallet - version 12.x (lead developer: Evan Duffield (Unlicensed))
      1. Closure of the development phase
      2. Testnet release
    2. Dash Evolution Web Wallet(lead developer: Andy Freer (Unlicensed))
      1. Web-wallet:  Completed client SPA framework with Backbone & Marionette
      2. SPV: Completed integration of various SPV frameworks for Web SPV wallet functions
      3. SPV implementation developed by Jon Kindel (Deactivated) (snogcel). The other dev who works with Andy is @acidburn.
      4. The goal of the project is to have decentralised Dash web wallet to be working like a banking wallet + a possibility to integrate it with different services (e.g. gambling, entertainment).
      5. The project is in prototyping phase. It is not yet documented and in head of Andy.
      6. Evolution planning and optimization launched (goal: to shorten time of Evolution development and delivery by good design, planning and resourcing).
    3. Dash wallet for Android - updated features (lead developer: HashEngineering)
      1. @HashEngineering and @tomasz.ludek are working together on functional and graphical improvements and bug fixes
      2.  Bet testing is finished, but team realized a key feature needed to be added back into the app that was removed with the new UI.  This feature may be added back in June.  Once added, we will have a two phase launch.  
      3. Phase 1 is for volunteers who want to install the newest version that has full InstantSend support and the New UI.  
      4. Phase 2 will happen two weeks later and the update will be pushed to Google Play and then new users can install it and current users will get it via auto update.
    4. Dash iPhone Wallet
      1. We are still working on the acceptance in the AppStore (there is a chance that with the new Dash Fundation name it will be easier, but still we are experiencing many issues and resistance from AppStore)
    5. Electrum-Dash wallet development (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated); external vendor: Tyler Willis (Unlicensed))
      1. Masternode operations from the wallet developed for Trezor (Acceptance testing and bug fixing is in progress)
      2. Development of masternode operations with KeepKey started
      3. In-house Electrum-Dash build system setup
      4. Detailed status reports are available in this location: /wiki/spaces/DAS/pages/41975863
    6. Lamassu integration (PM: Daniel Diaz (Unlicensed), external vendor: Deginner)
      1. Detailed status reports are available in this location, together with the Fiat Gateways projectFiat Gateways
    7. Armory wallet (lead developer: moocowmoo (Unlicensed))
      1.   Development suspended as we are not sure if Armory project is still alive

  2. Business Development

    1. Fiat Gateways project (PM:  Daniel Diaz (Unlicensed)external vendor: Deginner)
      1. Significant scope and time creep experienced. Mitigation actions taken on the vendor side: 
        1. More resources are getting engaged on the project. Currently 4 developers work on fiat gateways and 3 at Lamassu.
        2. Budget control system implemented - no payments will be signed without tasks done and confirmed
      2. Regular weekly calls established to have a status updates and more control over the project. Assisting PM engaged to help with organizational matters. 
      3. When the team gets stabilized, new project plan will be created and published. 
    2. Merchant Integration (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated)
      1. Work is in progress. Technical specification is being worked out and consulted with the Customer.
    3. Shake debit card integration (led by Ryan Taylor (Deactivated))
      1. Limited responsiveness of the partner from Shake. It seems like they are dealing with some internal issues.
      2. Shake is wrapping up testing on the physical cards and he now plans to launch Dash and the physical cards at the same time (about two weeks)
      3. Inquiring about getting a Visa card for the Dash Foundation - Fernando Gutierrez (Unlicensed) will receive an alpha invite from Shake this week to test for himself and in the meantime Dash inquired with Shake about availability of a commercial debit card or multi-user card
      4. Sahke is working on a developer API 

  3. Marketing and Communication

    1. Cooperation with 8BTC relaunched
      1. tungfa (Unlicensed) and Alexy are working again on this. Budget is secured for the project
    2. New website design
      1. @TheDashGuy works on the proposal (first draft provided for review)
      2. Delays experienced due to limited availability and high workload of developer
    3. Dash Wiki maintenence and updates
      1. Creation of Dash Glossary: /wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/42696707
      2. Updates in Dash Wallet section: Wallets (QT, Electrum, Mobile,...)/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/1146941
      4. Wiki updated to "InstantSend + PrivateSend" at
    4. Started preparation for d10e conference in San Francisco in July. 
      1. Expected Dash presentation by Evan and panel discussion.
      2. The conference will be transmitted in VR - big interest is expected
    5. Started preparation for Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup in August. 
      1. Expected Dash presentation by Evan.
    6. Channels and were updated and re-branded
    7. All (nearly) videos available on The same on Russian Outlet.
    8. "What is Dash" video updated to display and talk about instead of old domein. Updates available in English / Chinese / Russian/ Japanese. More updates coming.
    9. International efforts
      1. China (Thanks @Alexy + Team)
        3.年4月达世币核心团队月报告/ .....
      2. Russia (Thanks @Alex-ru + Team)


        2. Russian outlets (FB, local Russ and chat groups ansd forums)

      3. Portugal / Brasil (Thanks to @hexoli + @@studioz)
        4. Port/Br outlets (Telegram Chat / FB page/ BCT Portugal)

  4. Project Organization

    1. Second draft of the Dash Project Management Framework submitted for discussion:
    2. Evolution Planning started (work on optimization of Evolution delivery together with Evan Duffield (Unlicensed) and Andy Freer (Unlicensed)). The goal is to significantly shorten the time of Evolution delivery and resources optimization.
    3. Started mapping of licenses and copyrights in the project. 
    4. Launched planing of the Q3 and Q4 budget.