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What is Dash Evolution?

Documentation / Whitepaper

How to .....

(Evolution is in testing/development)

Dash Core Wallet 

Professional "Heavy" Wallet with full blockchain downloaded + all Dash features (Masternode, Mixing, PrivateSend, Instant Transactions, ....)

Electrum Wallet

Easy / 'Light' Wallet , no Blockchain downloaded/no sync (Fast Start) and no Dash Features available

Online/Cloud/Web Wallet

Third parties that will store your Dash on their servers for you, so that you can access your Dashs from any device connected to the internet.


Mobile Wallets

 Android + iPhone Wallets 

iPhone - DashWallet v.0.9 (incl IX)

Hardware Wallets

A hardware wallet is a specialized, tamper-proof, hardware device that stores your private keys.

This device is able to sign transactions with your private key without being connected to the internet.

Paper Wallet

Offline Wallet, very secure

How to buy Dash

MultiSig (Multisignature)

double secured wallet access (multiple party involved)

Running Dash under Tor

Running Dash

DIY Deterministic Addresses (BIP32)

Scam Warning Listing !!

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