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Welcome to Dash! 

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you should familiarize yourself with a few things before diving in! 

Remember you are in control of your own coins and it is your responsibility to secure your funds. It is impossible to recover lost or stolen funds, since there is no centralized authority.

What is Dash?


ONLY download official Dash Wallets from

What Wallet and How to use it ?!

Wallets (Dash Core, Electrum, Mobile,...)

+ PLEASE check all security and backup options for all Wallets mentioned above 

(Secure your PASSWORD! - KeePassXC or similar apps are recommended)

Buy Dash

How to buy Dash

Remember never to keep too many coins on an exchange. Coins left on an exchange are not in your possession or control, and if the exchange gets hacked, goes out of business, or decides to scam its users, then your money is lost forever. 


Do NOT use Exchanges as wallets / This is NOT recommended

Full List of Public Exchanges:
(Alphabetical order)
How to:
How To Buy Dash (Online Exchanges / Video's)

For Biggest Trading Volume (by Exchange) please visit:

As a general rule:

  • Safety first 
  • Do not trust anybody (direct p2p trading) always use an escrow (person or account)
  • Store your Dash holdings on a hardware wallet if possible (Trezor, Keepkey, Nano Ledger). If not, then store your coins in the official Dash-QT wallet, or the official Electrum wallet.
  • Do NOT use exchanges as wallets; exchanges are for trading, not for savings 
  • Mobile Wallets should be used for day-to-day purchases, but do not keep large amounts of funds in them  
  • Any questions/concerns/suggestions please see us at; you can say 'hello' here:

Dash for Newbies :

Scam Warning Listing !!

(Mainly China based Ponzi schemes and fake webpages / wallets do NOT trust them)


Ponzi Pyramid Scheme Scam Warning

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