I have a DASH transfer out of the exchange usecryptos.com that is stuck and not moving. Transfer was attempted 18-Feb-2016 and nothing. How do you fix such an issue?

  1. Fernando Gutierrez

    It sounds like it is a problem in the exchange and they are the only ones that can do anything. Can you provide the address to which you were sending so I can confirm this?


  2. Eugene Barker

    The address is: XhAXybKq2vThYcKAtxnNhuAFitVXCnoWak

    Generated for this transfer, never used before, not intended to be used again.

  3. tungfa

    please contact the exchange 
    ! they still have the coins as they never showed on explorer !tx 

  4. Eugene Barker

    Yeah, there's a thought.

    Opened a ticket on their so-called help desk 12 days ago... So far zip, nada......


  5. tungfa

    Sorry to hear !! i do not know that exchange to be honest and we have no affiliations with them !!

    not sure how i can help

    i would give them a warning that you will go public soon ,and then start harassing them on social media

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1 answer


    From the clarifications in the comments to the question it looks like the transaction was not sent to the network by the exchange, so you need to keep trying on their side. Really sorry about that. Please mark the question as answered.

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