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    Hello Ipsun,the coins which might be appear during the superblock are not burnt, they are simply not created.

    1. lpsun

      Yes, thanks Slawek. That is actually what I mean. And they can't be transfered (created) to the next period of budgeting right?

      Why I'm asking is because it is stated in the whitepaper that 10% of the block reward is accumulated for the budgeting different proposals. So naturally it seems like there is some store for those coins.

      But technically there is no such a store. In the superblock the new coins are created for the proposals. And the max amount of this money depends of the block rewards during the month.

    2. Slawek

      Yes the coins are only issued for the budgets which went through the voting and got >10% yes over no votes. There is no store for hte coins which are left s they are not even created as I said before.

      You might check this link here: http://dashvotetracker.com/ which might let you understand better how it works.

    3. Ryan Taylor

      While the current capabilities don't allow "banking" of budget for later, Evan did post when the budget system first came out that the intention was to add that capability into future versions.

      It is very difficult to ideally leverage the budget when there is no flexibility as to when it will be spent. You might have a terrible idea that would get funded in one month because the competition is low, and another month in which a much better idea with higher support is not funded. This isn't ideal.

      It may be that by allowing unused budgets to roll over, we might not feel so much pressure to spend on ideas before they are mature. Likewise, an otherwise good idea might not go without funding simply because it was a busy month.

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