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The easiest way to install the Dash Wallet for iOS is from iTunes. You will need to be using iOS 8.0 or newer.

If that does not work please use guide below:

How to compile Dash Wallet for iOS from source

Here is a guide how to pull the Wallet onto your iPhone by yourself.

(no jailbreaking, this is the official legit way, nothing can break)

  • Mac + iPhone Needed !

  • Requires iOS 9 (on Phone) or later.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Based on Sideloaded

  • 1.Download Xcode from iTunes App Store (Guide is based on 7.1)
    (this will take a while, Free App, 4.3 GB)

  • 2. Open XCode - Agree to Terms
  • 3. Quit  XCode
  • 4. Find Terminal
    (HD- Applications - Utilities- Terminal)
  • 5. Open Terminal

    (will show different user name / obviously)

  • 6. copy/paste commands:

if you have a src directory in Documents:

cd ~/Documents/src
git clone
cd dashwallet
git branch distribution origin/distribution
git checkout distribution
git pull


cd ~/Documents
mkdir src
cd src
git clone
cd dashwallet
git branch distribution origin/distribution
git checkout distribution
git pull

(wallet will download/pull from github)

when finished / 100%:

  • 7. Navigate to project in finder, open DashWallet.xcodeproj
    Path: HD - user - Documents - scr - dashwallet

  • 8. Double Click DashWallet.xcodeproj
  • 9. Xcode will open

    (now it might get a bit complicate)

  • 10. Plug in your iPhone
    Click the phone button and select your "phone"
    clicking the button gives you many options (iPhone Sizes)
    the top (listed) should be your iPhone (Example: zekes iPhone / Peter's iPhone/...)
    (so the App knows where it should go)
  • 11. Press "DashWallet" to see details
  • 12. Detailed View:
  • 13. Make sure your "Team" is "None"
  • 14. Bundle Identifier:
    rename to 
    (or anything else you want to use/ try until it works, as a lot of names are taken)
    can be (Examples):
    .... whatever fits and is not taken yet
    just do
    (Whatever = test18, happy, sunshine, 6333444,....)
  • 15. Press "Play"
    (top right in Xcode)
  • 16. Will Fail / we fix that next

  • 17. Press Enable

  • 18. Press "Fix Issue"
  • 19. Sign in your Apple ID 
    (Remember, we are not doing anything illegal, NOT Jailbreaking phone, this is totally ok to do !!)
  • This is just a verification, close or move to side
    (This might not show up)
  • 20. Choose 'your' Apple ID 
  • 21. Press "Choose"
    (You are a Development Team now ; )
  • 22. Fixing itself now
  • 23. should look like this now:

  • 24. Press "Play"
    (top right in Xcode)
  • 25. It is now compiling (wait)

  • 26. It is now installing (wait)

  • 27. It is now 'Running Wallet on Phone" (wait)

  • 28. Wallet Should be loaded onto iPhone
    (Build Success)
  • 29. This warning might pop up,
    ignore this for now, as we fix that on the iPhone direct (31.)
  • 30. Check your iPhone
    (wallet on ?)
  • if yes
    (if no, "Houston we have a problem" ping me)
    31. click Wallet on iPhone
  • go to (iPhone)Settings / General / Profile 
    There is a Profiles section under General in Settings app on the iphone. you can choose the developer accounts to trust there.
    (in iOS 9.2, they changed Settings->General->Profile to Settings->General->Device Management)
    (Trust it)
  • and DONE ! 

  • Activate iPhone Wallet
  • You HAVE to save your SEEDS !!!
    Very Very Important !!! Do NOT lose them !!!

How To

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