October 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

Dear Community members,

It is my pleasure to give you a status report of the Dash Core Team activities. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of October, grouped by the four strategic areas of focus for 2016.

  1. Software Development

    1. Dash core wallet - version 12.x (lead developer: Evan Duffield (Unlicensed))
      1. Testnet of 0.12.1 in progress.
      2. Issues with a fake masternodes identified and removed
      3. Watchdog functionality developed 
      4. Work on Sentinel installation package
    2. Dash Evolution Web-Mobile Platform (lead developer: Andy Freer (Unlicensed))
      1. Backend development in very advanced stage (Jon Kindel (Deactivated) leads the work)
      2. Work on frontend re-started after sick leave of the lead developer
      3. Work on DAPI and Dash Drive detailed design in progress (Andy Freer (Unlicensed) leads the work)
    3. Dash wallet for Android - updated features (lead developer: @HashEngineering)
      1. Full Czech language translation of Android wallet added to transifex by Jan Machynka (Unlicensed) (Comodore)

      2. Update to add support for scanning QR codes that request InstantSend (is=1) which will by default check the "InstantSend" box on Send Coins.  

        1. This needs to be added to the Request Coins screen of the app.  

      3. Published a TestNet version (that quickly became obsolete due to  an increase in the protocol version).

    4. Electrum-Dash wallet development (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated); developer: Tyler Willis (Unlicensed))
      1. No further updates on this project (waiting for 12.1 release)
      2. Detailed updates available in the following location: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/electrum-dash.8265/
    5. Mycelium integration
      1. The Dash integration part is on hold due to the changes on Mycelum side
      2. Detailed updates available in the following location: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/mycelium-integration.10541/
  2. Business Development

    1. Wall of Coins integration negotiated and proposed to the network
    2. Fiat Gateways (including Lamassu) project (PM: Daniel Diaz (Unlicensed)external vendor: GitGuild)
      1. GitGuild were working on the deployment of Tigo CTM infrastructure
      2. The new software stack is being tested now (the CTM stack without Lamassu server: https://github.com/CTMGuild/DashLamassuProposal/wiki/MVP-and-Beyond (described as "CTM Goal" in the doc)) 
      3. Detailed updates available in the following location: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/fiat-access-gateways-project-description-and-update.10290/
    3. ProtonMail Integration (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated), Lead developer: Jon Kindel (Deactivated)
      1. Documentation and improved code handed-over to the Proton Team. 
      2. We are waiting for the feedback and results from Proton
    4. Shake integration
      1. Dash integrated with InstantSend support and service launched (active and support Dash)
    5. SpectroCoin integration
      1. Dash integrated and service launched (active and support Dash)
    6. Other debit cards operators that integrated Dash
      1. Wirex 
      2. Uquid 
      3. Bitwala
  3. Marketing and Communication

    1. Wachsman PR project
      1. Publications and support in preparations to laBITconf conference
      2. Media training delivered to the team members 
      3. Detailed updates available in the following location: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/wachsman-pr-dash-pr-agency.11077
    2. Social Media Daily updates + dash.org News Section (Multi Languages)
    3. Wiki translations started (Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese) + French languages (new)
    4. Work on new webpage (dash.org)
  4. Project Organization

    1. Work on Crisis Management and Release Management processes 
    2. Recruitment for Evolution developer backend role (2 candidates selected from 10 applications)
    3. Work on Dash Service Desk setup
    4. Work on the presentation and preparations to laBITconf
    5. On-boarding of 2 new PMs