Fiat Access Gateways project description

Dear Masternode Owners and Dash Community,

As we have observed some difficulties in understanding a general concept of the Fiat Gateways project, we would like to share a simplified version of the project description and specification (available here).

The goal of the project is to deliver a Trustless Application Framework (TAPP) and build business partnerships necessary to facilitate Dash access and availability for users through integration to crypto services that offer a bridge to FIAT or services with a large user base that can help holders of other crypto-currencies invest on Dash with less friction.

Therefore Fiat Access Gateways project contains two major parts:

  1. Software components delivery (TAPPs delivery: link)
  2. Strategic business relationship building

Software components delivery

Trustless Applications (TAPPs) are Command Line Interface (CLI) processes that can be used as building blocks for a numbers of crypto related services (e.g. exchanges, brokers, wallets,etc). Together, these provide a complete set of tools to be used for market access ramps with banking, cash, digital currency on and off-ramps by promoting their use with a network of interested partners, making it easier for more businesses to start offering Dash in their services and ultimately creating more options for Dash end users.

The assumption of the development process is to keep the connection with the Dash Evolution design in order to allow the exchange components usage of Evolution features to integrate to this same framework.

TAPPs to be delivered within the Fiat Gateways project:

Shared WalletSimplest, most trusting implementation of a cryptocurrency hot wallet. The basic functionalities of a wallet will be storing, sending, and receiving
Exchange NodeService that provides bid/ask exchange matching for a single market pair. It maintains the order-book and matches orders into
BrokerThis component will let users convert one asset to another, using approved transaction networks (similarly to Shapeshift). Broker is build from Trade Manager, Shared Wallet + some specific broker code (10% of entire component)link
Trade ManagerThis will provide a stable and uniform interface for exchange users to manage their trading
CosignerAn automated cosigning service to compliment Bitcore or other multi-signature wallet clients.



Strategic business relationship building

Relationships listed below are solid steps in bringing reliable business partners to the ecosystem and create additional fiat access ramps for Dash users. Project strategy is to maintain these relationships and secure more partnerships by offering the tools companies need to integrate Dash. Our on-boarding efforts are ongoing and will continue to get more business partners interested in Dash integration in their business.


Partnerships currently established and in the progress of integration:

Business PartnerURLComments

Coinapult and re-marketeer, who will implement Dash and will provide reliable web-wallet for Dash. They provide B2B and B2C services and also provide interface with fiat. Coinapult is already integrated with Myceliun - other Dash strategic partner.

Cryptocapital fiat banking solution for crypto-currency businesses (especially exchanges like Kraken, Coinapult, BTCChina, Bitt and others). As part of the project, our tools will be interfaced with Cryptocapital to provide fiat access.
TigoCTM Operator and distributor to provide a network of ATM machines with Dash.

Mycelium is going to the framework to provide access to the tools from the wallet, as an example the Broker multi-currency exchange capabilities.

Partner A

TBDReputable Exchange Operator, who will be using the backend tools that are part of the framework and will be supporting Dash.
Partner BTBD

New partner of Dash on LATAM market. They offer multiple financial services on local markets: crypto-currency transfers, crypto-loaded debit cards, selling crypto currencies, phone top ups, remittances,etc.