February 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

Dear Community members,

It is my pleasure to give you a second report of the Dash core team progress. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of February, grouped by the four strategic areas of focus for 2016.

  1. Software Development

    1. Dash core wallet - version 12.1 (lead developer: Evan Duffield (Unlicensed))
      1. Development goals are:
        1. Make the core wallet up to date with Bitcoin code-base again
        2. Rewritten budgeting system for contracts to include it in 12.1
      2. Testnet for 12.1 will start in c.a. 2 months
    2. Dash Evolution (lead developer: Andy Freer (Unlicensed)).
      1. The team have mapped out the full top-level Evo architecture 
      2. The team is currently working on a full specification for the Evo architecture before building begins
      3. Prototypes / proofs of concept code for most of the areas were created (which are mainly Dash Social, Dash Wallet and Dash Pay).
      4. Detailed report available under this location: https://dashtalk.org/threads/evolution-update.8184
    3. Dash wallet for Android - updated features (lead developer: HashEngineering):
      1. New user interface.
      2. Ability to Receive IX transactions and know if they are locked.
      3. Ability to know that Sent IX transactions are locked. (the stable Dash Wallet can send IX transactions, but doesn't know if they are locked).
      4. New beta version available for testing here: https://github.com/HashEngineering/darkcoin-wallet/releases/tag/v4.40.12h.rix
      5. Detailed report about the progress, provided bt the development team under this location: https://dashtalk.org/threads/dash-wallet-for-android-ix-w-send-and-receive-new-ui.8228/
    4. Dash iPhone Wallet (lead developer: Former user (Deleted))
      1. Redesign in process
      2. IX send available (button)
      3. Foundation is still in the process of rebranding. This is done soon, we then will reapply to iTunes 
    5. Electrum-Dash wallet development (external vendor: Mazaclub)
      1. Mazaclub has many internal issues and struggle with implementation. We are planning a call with them to understand how can we support Mazaclub and help with maintenance and development of the wallet.
      2. Meantime we have asked external vendors for quotes for the same development
      3. There is a plan to build an internal team to develop this wallet. If you know any Python developers interested in supporting Dash, please let me know.
    6. Lamassu integration (external vendor: Deginner)
      1. Project delayed.
      2. Pre-alpha code is available but not yet suitable for use on a live machine. As per vendor report, few aspects of the work is more complicated than expected.
    7. Armory wallet (lead developer: moocowmoo (Unlicensed))
      1. moocowmoo (Unlicensed) works on this solution and made a great progress. Majority of the code is written - still some backend work needs to be done.
      2. We are waiting for a testing release

  2. Business Development

    1. Proton Mail Integration in process
    2. 7pay Adopts Dash (Russia's most popular Crypto Payment Service)
    3. Cooperation with 8BTC - project is on hold. We should re-start this soon.
    4. Cooperation with Genesis Mining
      1. Contact has been established
      2. We are working on Memorandum of understanding document to start formal cooperation
    5. Cooperation and integration with BitLox
      1. BitLox team is going to make the integration by themselves. Required materials and links were already shared with them.

  3. Marketing and Communication

    1. Dash participated in Satoshii Roundtable
    2. Work on a new dash.org website
      1. Half of the budget was spent for 2 new design proposals (delivered by external vendors). The rest of the budget will be spent for the development 
      2. Currently internal team works on the Information Architecture and structure of the new website
      3. When IA and structure is ready, we will propose third version of the design and select the final version
      4. Next steps
        1. Finalize IA and website structure
        2. Select final design
        3. Development
        4. Testing
        5. Deployment and Roll out
    3. New forum in dash.org domain. Due to the numerous issues with the current forum and extremely limited availability of the site owner, we have started internal development of the new forum in the dash.org domain
      1. moocowmoo (Unlicensed), salmion and tungfa (Unlicensed) work on the project
      2. New forum engine is the same as the current forum
      3. New graphical design with some functional improvements was already prepared
      4. Testing instance will be soon opened for the core team
      5. There is an issue with the history data import, as the core team has no access to the current DT database
    4. Banner Advertisements (only doing it for 1 Month)
      1. https://letstalkbitcoin.com
      2. http://bravenewcoin.com
      3. https://bitcoinmagazine.com
        incl International:
      4. http://bitcoinnewses.com
      5. http://www.bitcoinnews.com.br
      6. http://bitcoinnewsindo.com
    5. More International Press/Translations. Samples:
      1. http://bitcoinnewsindo.com/software-mesin-penjual-otomatis-dash-open-source-ix/
      2. http://bitcoinnewses.com/bitcoinespanol/software-de-codigo-abierto-para-maquinas-expendedoras-dash-ix/
      3. http://bitcoinnewses.com/bitcoinespanol/dash-2016-hoja-de-ruta/
      4. http://www.bitcoinnews.com.br/bitcoinbrasil/equipe-dash-e-convidada-para-a-segunda-satoshi-roundtable-evento-crypto-privado/
      5. http://www.bitcoinnews.com.br/bitcoinbrasil/fundador-do-dash-o-mundo-das-criptomoedas-precisa-de-mais-capacidade-do-que-apenas-o-bitcoin/
      6. http://bitcoinnewsindo.com/software-mesin-penjual-otomatis-dash-open-source-ix/
      7. http://bitcoinnewsarabia.com/خريطة-طريق-dash-لعام-2016/
    6. Dash Official Sponsore @ Anarcopulco (Tx to Juan Galt) + Presentation 
    7. SovereignBTC#84 (with Daniel Diaz): https://soundcloud.com/sovereignbtc/dan-diaz-dash-final
    8. The Tatiana Show with Daniel Diaz: https://liberty.me/live/the-tatiana-show-dash-digital-currency/
    9. Dash now on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10424093?trk=hp-feed-company-name
    10. Dash now available on https://bitco.in/forum/threads/dash-digitalcash.891/

  4. Project Organization

    1. Launch of the monthly reporting 
    2. Organization and coordination of the core team calls and sharing information
    3. Closure of the project and closure report after the Transform PR project: https://dashtalk.org/threads/transform-pr-project-closure-report.7962
    4. Dash 2016 Roadmap release: https://dashtalk.org/threads/dash-2016-roadmap.8068
    5. Coordination of internal projects