July 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

Dear Community members,

It is my pleasure to give you a status report of the Dash Core Team activities. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of June, grouped by the four strategic areas of focus for 2016.

  1. Software Development

    1. Dash core wallet - version 12.1 (lead developer: Evan Duffield (Unlicensed))
      1. 1st phase was QA and upstream changes
      2.  Launch prepareation to 2nd phase of the public testnet
        1. getting the budget system working using generic objects and sentinel
    2. Dash Evolution Web-Mobile Platform (lead developer: Andy Freer (Unlicensed))
      1. Further research, design and prototyping Evo platform (Node)
      2. Porting latest Bitcore/Insight API to Dash (currently testing)
      3. Insight API customizations for Evolution / integrations
      4. Development of Dash payment-gateway server for merchant integration
      5. Evo client prototyping & design
      6. Dash.org design & development
      7. On-boarding new developers
    3. Dash wallet for Android - updated features (lead developer: @HashEngineering)
      1. At the end of June, the updated app with the new UI and full InstantSend support was published to Google Play. In July many bug reports came in that are related to the following issues:
        1. Wifi ON - For some users, the app will crash and continue crashing when WIFI is ON. The issue can be resolved by turning WIFI off and then the app will start. Some users reported that a block chain reset will "clear" the error state and the app will work again. The cause is not known at this time.

        2. Scanning a QR code for a BIP39 encrypted private key. The app crashes when attempting to sweep a BIP39 paper wallet. This problem has been seen on Bitcoin Wallet and their change history says that it was fixed.

      2. It is likely that the Bitcoin Wallet developers have already solved some of the above issues. Dash Wallet is about 26 minor revisions behind Bitcoin Wallet.
        Next Steps in development:

        1. Update translation files from Dash Wallet project in Transifex.

        2. Investigate Updating to latest Bitcoin Wallet for many fixes.Publish Dash Java Library (dashj) to maven.

        3. Finish update Dash Java Libary for Dash Core 0.12.1

    4. Dash iPhone Wallet (lead developer: Former user (Deleted))
      1.  Updated wallet submitted, we are still waiting for the acceptance on AppleStore.
      2. 2nd Wallet submitted by community member - rejected once and waiting for 2nd review.
    5. Electrum-Dash wallet development (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated); external vendor: Tyler Willis (Unlicensed))
      1. KeepKey and Trezor integration are fully functional
      2. Ledger wallet does work - masternode functionality depends on new firmware (to be relased on Bitcoin segwit release)
      3. Packages for Windows, Linux and OS X are being prepared
      4. Rollout depends on 12.1 availabilty
      5. Detailed status reports are available in this location: /wiki/spaces/DAS/pages/41975863
    6. Jaxx integration
      1. Design and development activities of Dash integration
      2. Final stage of testing launched
    7. Mycelium integration
      1. Project planing and configuration
      2. Start of the software development activities
        1. Initial setup and preparation of environment
        2. Design and implementation of the SVP service
        3. Basic integration of the SPV service and Mycelium wallet
    8. Infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
      1. Parts purchased for build server and camosouls donated server
        1. donated server configured as backup host
        2. first backups of dash.org created 
        3. the server will stay at moocowmoo (Unlicensed)ur admin facility for first month or two to offset the purchase cost of parts for backup server (re-allocating hosting budget)
        4. standardized using docker and digitalocean for deploys
      2. Digitalocean setup
        1. setup of API service which runs both a mainnet and testnet instance of insight-api for jaxx and others to use (for integrations)
  2. Business Development

    1. Fiat Gateways (including Lamassu) project (PM:  Daniel Diaz (Unlicensed)external vendor: GitGuild)
      1.  Work on a development of Trade Manager. 
      2. More comprehensive status update expeted this week
      3. Detaied update and reports available in this location: Fiat Gateways
    2. ProtonMail Integration (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated), Lead developer: Jon Kindel (Deactivated)
      1. Software development in progress. Based on the solution made for Jaxx, the development team made a solid progress. 
      2. First internal tests with Proton are planned in August
    3. Mycelium partnership
      1. Business development activities: initial contact and series of calls to introduce Dash and its team
      2. Strategic partnership established with a decision to work on Dash integration
    4. TigoCTM partnership established and announced

  3. Marketing and Communication

    1. Cooperation with 8BTC relaunched + Dash China now onwww.cybtc.com
    2. "Ideias Radicais" , Brazilian YT Channel 1st month done - 1.5 Mill views
    3. New website design (Lead developer: Perry Woodin (Unlicensed)
      1. General website design is finished (by the contracted company) and approved for development
      2. Perry Woodin (Unlicensed) leads website development efforts with an assistance of other community volunteers
      3. Community translators engaged into the translation process
    4. d10e conference in San Francisco
      1. FInal propeartions to the conference: presentation, rehearsals, logistics
    5. Dash Wiki maintenence and updates
    6. DASH: Detailed in Multiple Languages posted on dash.org News (Port , Russ, Chi, Esp, En) + dashpay.cn
    7. Spanish Dash Telegram Chat Group now available (Next to : English + Portuguese)
    8. dashpay.cn (Official China Webpage) updated and now direct Android Wallet download available (No access to Google in china)

  4. Project Organization

    1. Coordination of preparations to d10e conference (administrative matters, communication, presentation, handout)
    2. Conducted vendor selection for a professional accounting package and began tracking all core team transactions starting with July 1st balances
      1. All transaction IDs on the block chain recorded to ensure auditability
      2. All reimbursements now attaching backup documentation such as receipts, quotes, agreements, etc.
      3. Quarterly financial reports to be issued