September 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

Dear Community members,

It is my pleasure to give you a status report of the Dash Core Team activities. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of September, grouped by the four strategic areas of focus for 2016.

  1. Software Development

    1. Dash core wallet - version 12.x (lead developer: Evan Duffield (Unlicensed))
      1.  Testnet of 0.12.1 in progress
      2. Development team works on the identified issues and Proof of Service for Sentinel
      3. Next version of testnet release expected after 10-OCT-2016
    2. Dash Evolution Web-Mobile Platform (lead developer: Andy Freer (Unlicensed))
      1. Backend development in very advanced stage (Jon Kindel (Deactivated) leads the work)
        1. Closed Dash Payment Service 
        2. Bitcore-Dash in testing
        3. Work on frontend integration started
        4. New developer added to the project (JZA (Unlicensed)) + interview process in progress
      2. Work on frontend re-started after sick leave of the lead developer
      3. Work on DAPI and Dash Drive detailed design in progress (Andy Freer (Unlicensed) leads the work)
    3. Dash wallet for Android - updated features (lead developer: @HashEngineering)
      1.  A critical bug was fixed that was resulting in constant app crashes for many users.  

      2. The next feature to be added is scanning QR codes that request InstantSend.

    4. Electrum-Dash wallet development (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated); external vendor: Tyler Willis (Unlicensed))
      1. Software developmet finished
      2. MacOS build in progress (there were issues with hardware availability but coingun (Unlicensed) kindly provideded Holger with MacMini) 
      3. Detailed updates available in the following location: 
    5. Mycelium integration
      1. Development of the Mycelium Bitcoin architecture still needs to be improved on Mycelium side. This unfortunately stops the work on Dash part
      2. Tomasz Ludek (Deactivated) cooperates with Mycelium developers on changes in architecture design
      3. Detailed updates available in the following location: 
  2. Business Development

    1. Fiat Gateways (including Lamassu) project (PM: Daniel Diaz (Unlicensed)external vendor: GitGuild)
      1. Work on the alpha version of the Dedicated Dash Services software for CTM
      2. ·        Shared Wallet software final development and testing

      3. Trade Manager software final development and testing
      4. Detailed updates available in the following location:
    2. ProtonMail Integration (PM: Robert Wiecko (Deactivated), Lead developer: Jon Kindel (Deactivated)
      1. Integration components developed and handed-over with documentation to ProtonMail
      2. Work re-started on ProtonMail side after vacation of the developer
    3. Shake integration
      1. Process in progress. Launch of the service be expected early in October.
    4. SpectroCoin integration
      1. Dash integrated into SpectroCoin engine and available on the engine
        1. Although no information about this service on their website
    5. Started partnership with (3rd party AML service provider)
      1. In a first step Coinfirm needs to upload Dash blockchain into their tool
  3. Marketing and Communication

    1. Started partnership with Wachsman PR (after trial run in July). Please refer to this topic for more information:
    2. International outreach monthly report:
    3. Merged email lists and started sending communications and newsletters
      1. Subscribe:
      2. Repository of sent issues:
  4. Project Organization

    1. Building Project Management Team. New members:
      1. Balazs Kiraly (Deactivated) (back after a few months break)
      2. Ahmed Aseeri (Unlicensed) (onboarding in progress)
    2. Budget Finalization Procedure: Budget Finalization Procedure
    3. Work on Crisis Management and Release Management processes 
    4. JIRA and Confluence cleanup
    5. JIRA setup for Evolution backend development
    6. Recruitment for Evolution developer backend role (2 candidates selected from 10 applications)
    7. Started work on Dash Service Desk